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Tuesday, August 25, 2015, on Fox 5’s Good Day DC, the beautiful owner of Hush Boutique, Tamara Lee, in Clinton, Maryland gave us some great advice on “purging” our wardrobes for the upcoming Fall Season!  She mentioned being honest with ourselves and keeping what fits, swapping what doesn’t, throwing out what we’ve worn out, and donating what’s gone out of style!  Now this advice is definitely perfect for those whom follow trend!  However, for all of my Charmies and Boo Kittens whom love VINTAGE and have more of an eclectic style and way of doing things, NOTHING GOES OUT OF STYLE FOR US!!!  So don’t you dare worry, Ms. FeFe’s got you!!!
Here’s three helpful hints for those of us whom don’t plan on purging those items that the “TRENDIES” think are “out of style”:
  1. You can modernize any piece of clothing
    • Throw a jacket, denim shirt, kimono or shrug over your favorite floral or colorful maxi sundress and top it off with chunky jewelry and a pair of peep toe booties.
    • Add a pair of solid colored leggings underneath that short sundress with a denim jacket or shirt, Kimono or Cardigan and a pashmina, cotton or silk scarf with your favorite sunglasses.  If you really want to turn some heads and keep them talking, throw on a pair of ruffled baby doll socks with a pair of black pumps.
  1. You can weatherize any piece of clothing;
    • Put on your favorite light weight trench coat or trench vest on top of either of the outfits mentioned above;
    • Take your favorite pair of Summer Pajama Pants and add a long sleeve t-shirt with a cropped jacket.  Make sure the prints are fun and have at least one like color in common, and then throw on a pair of leopard pumps!  Yes, I said Leopard Pumps!!!  “Leopard Pumps goes with everything!”


  1. What’s new is old and What’s old is new;
    • Fashion repeats itself;  from the leopard print coat, gloves and pumps that your granny and mom wore, to the black sheath dress, double breast swing coat, cow neck cropped tunic and black pencil legged pants worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Image result for breakfast at Tiffany's fashions  Image result for breakfast at Tiffany's fashions

  1. Your style is an extension of your personality;
    • Your style is a part of your character and your personality! You develop your style at a very young age.  You gravitate to what you like and the look(s) you most identify with.
  2. And NEVER EVER follow a trend, be a trendsetter!!!  
    • Make your own trends!  Rules are meant to be broken, so don’t let some designer or stylist give you a list of Fashion Rules that they say shouldn’t be broken!  
    • Wear what makes you feel FABULOUS!!!

Now that I’ve given you this very important advice, do whatever you have to do to get to Vintage & Charmed so I can style your life!!!  Take a jet, train or automobile, but get here as fast as you can!!!


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